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Broadview Animal Clinic

Surgical Post-Operative Instructions

1. Feed in a normal manner. DO NOT give large amounts of water for the first 12 hours at home.

2. The effects of sedation may last for up to 48 hours. Your pet may be unsteady, groggy, or unable to focus. If any of these symptoms persist, please notify us.

3. DO NOT bathe your pet for two weeks until the sutures have dissolved. Infection may result if water gets into the incision.

4. DO NOT clean or apply any kind of antiseptic to the incision for two weeks.

5. Minimize activity as much as possible for two weeks until sutures have dissolved. Let your pet set it's own pace without your initiating or encouraging activity.

6. Observe the incision until sutures have been removed. There should be no discharge or excess swelling. A small lump may develop within the first week after surgery. If there is no drainage or discomfort to the animal, this can be checked when sutures are removed.

7. Some licking, scratching, or biting of the incision is a normal reaction. If it appears excessive, a cone collar or bandage may be required.

8. Females in heat when spayed will go through a shortened heat cycle, but are unable to get pregnant. After neutering, a male can still impregnate a female for up to two months.

9. Sutures are absorbable. If sutures are still present after two weeks, you are welcome to bring your animal into the clinic to have the sutures removed by a technician Monday-Friday before 5:00 PM and Saturdays before 11:00 AM.

10. In case of post-surgical problems, please return for a recheck- no appointment needed. If this happens after the clinic closes, please call (720) 221-4067 This option is NOT available from 12am - 7:30am

11. If your pet was prescribed medication, please start it at 7:00 PM tonight.

12. If your animal has a bandage from the placement of an IV Catheter, or from an injection site, please remove the bandage around 30 minutes after the patient is picked up.

13. If your animal had any teeth extracted, sutures in the mouth are absorbable and do not need to be removed. Please soften food for at least 3 days, depending on amount of extractions, we may recommend up to 2 weeks to feed softened food, gradually reintroducing hard food.

** We are not responsible for any charges incurred at an emergency clinic ***