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Broadview Animal Clinic


Our Hospital offers advanced imaging services at our facility. Our radiologists can administer X-rays.

We are pleased to offer digital X-Rays. Digital X-Ray allows doctors to quickly take and examine X-Rays to aid in diagnosing illnesses and injuries in patients. X-Rays may be used in a variety of procedures including foreign body identification, limb treatment diagnostics, and OFA certification.

Radiographs Pricing

  • One view - $105.50

  • Two views - $173.50

  • Additional views - $82.00

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Radiographs

If use of sedation is needed for radiographs there will be an additional cost of $32.00.

  • Hip Radiograph - $172.00

  • Hip And Elbow Radiographs - $246.00

  • *Plus additional OFA fee *

For more information on OFA, please visit their website