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Dogs and Cats can suffer from dental disease just as humans can. Cleaning helps prevent gum inflammation, tooth loss, and oral pain. Failure to manage your pet's dental health may cause detrimental effects to other organs. Yearly dental cleanings can help prevent this. While under anesthesia, the patient's teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler, polished, and treated with a protective tooth sealant. We are unable to take dental x-rays at the clinic.


Special Notes

With all surgical procedures we recommend pre-anesthesia blood work and require placement of an IV catheter. An IV catheter allows fluids to be administered during and after the surgical procedure to help maintain blood pressure and assist with riding the body of the anesthetic drug(s).


Any surgical patients 8 years of age or older will be REQUIRED to have blood work performed with an additional fee of $63.50.

All surgical patients are REQUIRED to have an IV catheter placed. This is included in the base price of the dental surgery.


Pain medication is always recommended for our patient's recovery. All prices listed include both hospital and dispensed medications and hospital monitoring. If you do not wish to have pain meds sent home a $9.00 charge will be charged instead for medications administered in hospital. 

Canine Dental

Under 90 lbs - starts at $248.50

Over 90 lbs - starts at $263.00

Extraction(s) - starts at $10.00 per tooth


Feline Dental

Starts at $225.00

Extraction(s) - starts at $10.00 per tooth

Additional cost for Antibiotics if extractions and/or gingivitis are present may apply. Cost dependent on patient size. 

Some patients will have a Cold Laser Treatment performed after their dental procedure to help with healing and inflammation. If the doctor feels the patient would benefit from this treatment, we will perform. Some reason we would perform this treatment are, any dental procedure that the patient has 6 or more extractions, oral mass, type of tooth extracted, overall health condition of the mouth. The cost of this treatment is an additional $14.75.