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Cold Laser Therapy

We proudly offer K-Laser treatment. K-Laser is recommended in treating a wide variety of ailments including arthritis, infected wounds, and soft tissue trauma. K-Laser is a non-invasive machine with an attached hand piece that is moved over the affected area and produces wavelengths of different power depending on the area being treated, these waves penetrate into cells and tissue, promoting tissue regrowth, faster recovery time, and less swelling to the affected area.


Cold laser therapy is initiated with an exam appointment by one of our doctors. Once diagnosed and recommended by a doctor the cold laser appointments are then scheduled with our Cold Laser Trained Technicians. These appointments are noninvasive, with the patient either on an exam table or lying on a mat. Depending on the area or areas we are focusing on the treatment can be from 4 - 8 minutes per area and recommended up to three to once a week to ongoing monthly treatments.


For more information, please watch the K-Laser Video. Or visit K-Laser's website designed for you, the Pet Owner.




All Packages are for One Area of the body.


Package of 6 treatments - $161.00

Package of 3 treatments - $83.00

Each Additional treatment (or one treatment) - $33.00


If your pet is in need of multiple areas of the body treated.

All Packages are for One Additional Area of the body.


Package of 6 Additional Treatments - $161.00

Package of 3 Additional Treatments - $83.00

Each Additional treatment (or one treatment) - $33.00


Please, call with any further questions or to schedule an appointment with a doctor.