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Surgical/Dental Instructions

Thank you for scheduling a surgical and/or dental appointment with us for your pet. 


The morning of your scheduled appointment, please drop your pet off with us between 7:30am and 9:00am. Allow some time in your schedule to check in at the front desk and fill out the appropriate paperwork. For new patients or patients we have not seen recently we will have you do a meet and greet with a doctor to go over any questions or concerns you may have. For patients we haven't seen in a while to make sure nothing has changed with their health. Also, if for any reason you would like to speak to a doctor upon drop off, please alert our front staff. 


Please do not feed your pet anything after 10:00pm the night prior to your appointment. Water can still be provided. Do not allow your pet to eat prior to dropping him/her off. If your pet takes any medication that requires feeding, please contact the clinic to discuss this. 


Please bring any records from previous veterinary visits, such as vaccination history or lab work that may be beneficial. Most clinics are able to e-mail or fax these records to [email protected] or 303-745-4318 upon your request.